Forever 2 Drive (Car Plan)

What Drives You?

Whether your car is a status symbol or part of the family, feel great about your next adventure with Earned Incentive FOREVER2DRIVE. Thousands have already qualified for a new car – will you be next?

Earn money for your dream car, boat, motorcycle, or whatever else you can dream of!

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How To Qualify

Qualification Period: 3 Consecutive Months

To qualify for Earned Incentive, Forever2Drive, an FBO(Forever Business Owner) must achieve the number of case credits shown below in three consecutive months.

More case credits equal more Forever2Drive bonus and the best thing? You can qualify for a higher incentive level immediately after completing your third month for qualification. For example, if you qualify for Forever2Drive level 1 in January, February and March, you can already qualify for level 2 or 3 in April! Once you’ve qualified, you receive your Forever2Drive payment for 36 months!

In order to receive your full bonus during the qualified period, you must continue achieving the level of sales from your third month. Don’t forget that the CCs earned by your team also count towards your total!

There are 3 Levels to Earned Incentive Forever2Drive.

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